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When times are hard, you might start looking for a way to access extra cash. With loans and credit cards hard to come by and expensive to pay back, cashing in a frozen pension could be an option that allows you to get to cash fast.

At Frozen Pension, our advisers have been working with people and their pensions for many years, enabling you reap the benefits of your old age savings sometimes before you reach the age of 65.

Why might a pension be frozen?

The term “frozen pension” is commonly used to describe pensions which are not being paid into any longer. If you have a workplace pension, you and your employer will stop making payments into your investment should you leave the company – or should the business cease trading. This cash then becomes “frozen” as no more cash is added to the fund.

In some respects, these frozen pensions are not frozen at all, because the money they contain can continue to grow and change in line with inflation and other factors. The term “frozen” may also lead you to believe that you can no longer access your cash, which is not the case in many situations. For example, some pensions can be invested into Defined Contribution schemes.

In addition, if you have a Defined Benefit pension the benefits you earn through the scheme will automatically continue to increase year on year. This will continue to be the case right up until the day you retire.

If you’re unsure about the type of pension you have don’t worry, we can help you determine your options.

When might you cash in your frozen pension?

In some circumstances there might be the opportunity to cash in your frozen pension before you reach the age of retirement. This depends upon the type of policy you hold. This is the ideal solution if you’re seeking a way to access cash but don’t want to take on the high interest rates associated with loans and credit cards.

Some people cash in their frozen pensions to fund essential home improvements or to bulk up their income in times of need. Others make alternative investments when their pensions aren’t performing the way they’d hoped. Whatever the reason you might want to cash in your frozen pension, we can help you consider your options and decide on the best course of action.

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