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Deferred Pensions

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Do you have a deferred pension but are unsure of the options available? A deferred pension might also be referred to as a frozen pension, but this isn’t actually the case. Deferred pensions are schemes to which you and an employer or former employer have stopped contributing.

You might cease pension contributions after you leave a company and its workplace pension, or simply because you have opted out of a scheme. There may also be instances where a company has gone out of business and therefore the employee has no choice but to cease to pay into the scheme.

What happens to a deferred pension?

Even though you are no longer making active contributions to your pension scheme, your investment will continue to exist and increase, usually by the rate of inflation. This will continue until your date of retirement when you can withdraw your pension.

There may be other options for your deferred pension, including transferring your investment into another scheme. This will allow you to make further contributions to your pension. However, you should be aware that some pension schemes placed restrictions on pension transfer.

At, our experts are on hand to offer advice regarding your personal scheme. This will allow you to make decisions based on your unique circumstances and the scheme in which your investment is held. Rest assured, our advice is free and comes with no obligations. We’re simply here to guide you towards making the most out of your money.

Can I cash in my deferred pension?

There may be instances in which you can access the cash in your deferred pension pot before the age of 65, however this will usually only be available under specific circumstances. It isn’t for everyone as releasing cash early will almost certainly mean you lose out in later life. However, there are situations where it is possible and can mean accessing cash without the need for costly loans and credit agreements.

Even if your plan is to leave your deferred pension in its current scheme, it is wise to take a look at your investments frequently over the years. Seeking expert advice from Frozen Pension experts could enable you to get your hands on cash you need right now, or increase your income during your golden years.

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