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Unlock Pension:

When you leave a job, you might also leave an occupational pension scheme behind so you can no longer make payments into this particular pot. This is often referred to as a frozen pension, leading many people to believe their cash is stuck until the day they retire.

In fact, frozen pensions such as this are not frozen at all. In reality, your pension scheme may be unlocked and re-invested, allowing you to make better use of your cash.

You can unlock different pensions benefits in different ways. For example, some pensions can be invested into Defined Contribution schemes, even despite you and your old employer being unable to continue contributions. Others, like the Defined Benefit scheme, will automatically increase in value every year, from the moment you leave your job right up to your retirement date.

Why unlock a pension?

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t think about what will happen to their pension scheme once they leave their job. In some cases, individuals have forgotten about even paying into the scheme so the benefits are never claimed – not an ideal situation.

As with all investments, you should take time to analyse your cash on a frequent basis to make sure it is performing as you’d hoped. On top of this, we can help you determine whether you’re still paying for our frozen pension, in terms of management fees and more. If it isn’t meeting your expectations, it’s time to turn to the experts for advice.

What can we do at to help you unlock a pension?

Our aim is to help you access quality expert advice, which will enable you to make the most effective decision for your personal circumstances and your financial future. At we’re experts in our field, offering you the chance to benefit from free information with no obligation.

Essentially, we could help you unlock your frozen pension, allowing you to take the cash you have worked hard to earn, and transform it into a worthwhile investment.

Unlock Pension Team:

Contact our ‘unlock pension’ team today. So don’t leave your investment to chance, see what the experts at Frozen Pension could do for you. Take the first step today by filling in the contact form on the right of the page. An adviser will be in touch to discuss your pension as soon as possible.

Unlock Pension

Unlock Pension